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“I have experienced a lot of psychotherapy and been a spiritual seeker all my life, but this form of dreamwork has brought me to depths of myself, acceptance and the sense of what is possible, that I could never have imagined any other way!”

Jennifer Choate - California


Trauma Culture,

Dreams and Community

“We look for simple solutions because we don’t want to deal with the hard questions. When those simple solutions fail, too often we retreat.”

Professor Anita Hill – Salt Lake City Utah, September 27, 2018

It has been 27 years since Anita Hill came forward and shared her experiences of sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas. It is stating the far too obvious – to say that we have still not learned what we have needed to learn from her courage about the sexual harassment, abuse and trauma that exists within our world.


365 Days of Creativity and Expression – Sue Scavo

Day 25 

Study of Girl, Blue

Day 25 of 365. Study of Girl, Blue, Supplied Words and Sentences.

I am working with a combination of a few dreams:


Day 20 

Study of Girl

Day 20 of 365. Study of Girl

Day 3 

Elephant Eyes

Day 3 of 365 – Elephant Eyes.

Staying with the elephant dream, being little with the big ones, opening to the ancient eyes, so like whale eyes….my own eyes seeing in a new way


Liminal Space 

of Dreaming, Pt. 1

A liminal zone in natural terms is the place where two ecological landscapes meet and a new ecological zone is created, crafted, informed and shaped by both of the zones.

For example, the place… [READ MORE]

Liminal Space 

of Dreaming, Pt. 2

In the liminal space, the two elements – human and archetypal – create a lush ecosystem of the dream landscape that is particular to the dreamer.

I love the vesica piscis as… [READ MORE]

Liminal Space 

of Dreaming, Pt. 3

The root of the word liminal gestures toward limit, gestures toward threshold, gestures toward all that relates to limits and being at the edge of our limits. And what it means to question and test those limits….[READ MORE]


Versus Politics???

I have been struggling with my new dual role as a dream and social activist.

It puts me in a place that is confusing at times. There is a core belief in our work with dreams, that change….… [READ MORE]

The Legacy of Martin

Luther King Jr

Good evening on this day celebrating the amazing legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr was not just an extraordinary civil rights leader but also an incredible spiritual teacher. His teachings about love, racial justice and nonviolence are teachings….… [READ MORE]

Dreaming as An Act

of Love and Defiance

To speak about “love and defiance” in relationship to each other, is a challenge.

For we tend to think of these two feelings and actions, as separate entities, each unto themselves. ...… [READ MORE]

“Through the work of the dreams I have felt an energetic shift in how I engage the world. I have been able to see where aspects of how I engage the world have not served me and actually keep me from my wholeness.  I can discover these aspects of my personality/behavior and acknowledge them not as something bad in me but as a barrier to being whole. From here I am able to work with the feelings of the dreams to open up to ways of being that are at the core of who I am.” Mary Kay Kasper - Vermont

“One of the most important insights is acknowledging the value of my interior life vs exterior.  I have felt out of sync with most people my entire life.  In dreamwork I’ve found a tribe of like minded people.  We are seekers and finders, looking for the treasure within via feeling….” Mary Lou Bensabat - Louisiana

“Before working with my dreams I believed that God loved me, but the love felt distant, rarely penetrated, and there was some way that I believed I wasn’t worthy.  The dreams have helped me to bring that love into my body.”

Anne Seham - Israel



We believe that dreams are given to all of us as a gift to help open our heart and soul. We understand that dreams can seem complex and overwhelming and we believe that you can learn the language of dreams and the particular language of your own dreams. We have been blessed by our own work with dreams. It has made it possible for us to each live with passion, love and peace in ways that were foreign to us before this work. It has also transformed our marriage into a true partnership with an intimacy that we once only “dreamed” of. Our intention with this site is to pass on to you what we have learned so that you too can be a “student of the dream”. Bill St.Cyr and Sue Scavo