The History of Last Night’s Dream by Rodger Kamenetz, turns the common approach to dreams on it’s head. It goes against the modern inclination to reduce our dreams to mere interpretation.

It instead, as Oprah got so excited about, opens a “hidden path to the soul”.

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The approach he elucidates is the key to understanding the deeper meaning of your dreams. In order to open our dreams we need to have the kind of broader understanding that Rodger shares here.

This is why this book is our favorite dream book. If you read it, we promise you will never look at your dreams the same way again.

Rodger steps back from the extraordinarily narrow focus of modern dream work and gives us a broader and deeper understanding of what dreams are all about.

He does this through sharing his own dream journey and he shares the depth of his research into the biblical tradition of dreams.

Here is more from Rodger Kamenetz’ website:

In his search for the spiritual  truth of dreams, Rodger Kamenetz studies with an 87 year old female kabbalist in Jerusalem, a suave Tibetan tulku in Copenhagen, and a crusty intuitive archetypal dream master in northern Vermont.

With their guidance, Kamenetz plunges into the world of dreams, and shows how the constant struggle between dream and interpretation has shaped Western thought from Genesis to Freud– and Jung. This intellectual discovery only marks the threshold of an entire new world of the soul.

By entering fully into his archetypal dreams and taking on their reality, Kamenetz follows a path of increasing depth that leads to three ancient gifts of the dream.

There is no other dream book, that we know out there, that even attempts this challenge. Rodger wrote this book before the publication on 2009 of the Red Book – Carl Jung’s personal journey through his dreams.

Yet Rodger’s book syncs perfectly with the way that Jung worked his own process. Here is Jung speaking toward the very beginning of the Red Book:

“My soul, my soul, where are you? Do you hear me? I speak, I call you–are you there? I have returned, I am here again. I have shaken the dust of all the lands from my feet, and I have come to you, I am with you. After long years of long wandering, I have come to you again….”

Jung knew, just as Rodger Kamenetz speaks about in this book, that the real meaning of dreams exists in the invitation to that journey to the soul.

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Bill St.Cyr

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