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Day 27

Study of Girl

Day 27 of 365

Day 26

Study of Girl

Day 26 of 365.

Study of Girl, Hidden Blue.

Day 25

Study of Girl

Day 25 of 365. Study of Girl, Blue, Supplied Words and Sentences.

I am working with a combination of a few dreams:


Day 24

Study of Girl

Day 24 of 365
Study of Girl
At a Loss for Words

Day 23

Study of Girl

Day 23 of 365
Study of Girl
With Blue Fire

Day 22

Study of Girl

Day 22 of 365. Study of Girl.

NOLA Wedding….Kezia and Jordan…Threshold Day. Thrilled to be here….

Day 21

Study of Girl

Day 21 of 365
Study of Girl

Day 20

Study of Girl

Day 20 of 365. Study of Girl

Day 19

Study of Girl

Day 19 of 365. Study of Girl

Day 18

Study of Girl

Day 18 of 365. Study of Girl

Day 17

Study of Girl

Day 17 of 365. Study of Girl

Day 16

Study of Girl

Day 16 of 365. Study of Girl

Day 15

Study of Girl

Day 15 of 365. Study of Girl.

Dream Fragment: …then there is a parade with people marching in formal robes. I am 16. there with a younger girl – maybe she is 3 or 4. We inch forward to try to find a spot to see the teachers. Then the girl takes me by the hand and leads me away to a river. where there is a boat. She motions us onto the boat – she in front leaning forward, me in back. The river is quiet and slow. Then the water says, “There is a surge coming up, look to the left, take the paddle.” I see the surge, I see the paddle, which I had not seen before. I pick it up and start steering. I feel scared, for after the surge are rapids. I feel excited and that the river is guiding me. I also am surprised that I somehow know how to use the paddle in collaboration with the river to navigate.….

Day 14

Study of Girl

Day 14 of 365
Study of Girl

Day 13

Study of Girl

Day 13 of 365
Study of Girl with Elephant


Day 12

Study in Girl IV

Day 12 of 365. Study in Girl, IV


Day 11

Study in Blue VI

Day 11 of 365
Study in Blue VI
Once, there was a Girl…

Day 10

Study in Blue V

Day 10 of 365
A Sketch a Day
Study in Blue V

Day 9

Study in Blue IV

Day 9 of 365. Study in Blue IV.


Day 8

Study in Blue III

Day 8 of 365
Study in Blue III

Dream: I am with a man who is teaching me about the fire I carry inside of me. We are sitting together in a grassy area. He teaches me to bring the fire inside up and into my hand, which I do. The fire is blue sphere that does not burn. My teacher indicates there is much more for me, that I am learning.

Behind us, there is a great deal of uproar. Something is happening and I feel I should get up and go help. Maybe bring my fire to help. My teacher lays a hand on my arm, tenderly, indicating for me to stay with him. To keep learning.

To tend my fire.

Day 7

Study in Blue II

Day 7 of 365
Study in Blue II


Day 6

Study in Blue

Day 6 of 365. Study in Blue


Day 5


Day 5 of 365

Dream: I enter an apt thinking it is someone else’s. I am 16ish. There is an older couple (a woman and a man) in the living room. I am a little confounded about why I am here. They are amused by me, kindly. I pull on a pair of jeans but realize they are the man’s jeans and are huge on my. He smiles at me.


When I was a girl, I used to sneak into my older brother’s room in the morning, after he left for school and steal his levi jeans. I would stuff them into my school bag and when I got to school, I would change in the bathroom.

All day, wearing his jeans. Feeling like I was bigger, feeling like I was protected.

In this dream, I wander into a house and do not know that it is a house for me, that the older man and woman are there, waiting for me. I am confounded by them, their delight in me.

Read more here: http://www.suescavo.com/365-days.html

Day 4

Walking with Elephants

Day 4 of 365

Walking with the Elephants.

What is to walk with the enormous beings that are the elephants of my dream?

What is it to be the little one, breaking out of the ancient forest and into a wider landscape?

What is it in my bones?

In the dreams leading up to the dream with these elephants, I have been working with (or the dreams have been working me) being with, of all things, joy.

Joy, which has always been a little terrifying to me.

To read the rest of the post, check out my 365 Day Blog here:


Day 3

Elephant Eyes

Day 3 of 365 – Elephant Eyes.

Staying with the elephant dream, being little with the big ones, opening to the ancient eyes, so like whale eyes….my own eyes seeing in a new way

Day 2

Day 2 of 365.

I am staying the the elephants and the redwoods tonight. The massive scale of those beings – both trees and elephant. How the elephants are related to the whales (that always come in my dreams). How I can be small to the bigness. Baby elephant to their bigness. All that memory and grace. Ancient beings – both trees and elephant. how I can be just little and held and loved in that bigness.

Day 1


Day 1 of 365

Dream fragment: I am standing at a place where deep, dense jungle and open savannah. A baby elephant and a baby giraffe burst out of the jungle running at full speed. They seem exuberant. I turn back to the jungle and see elephant legs, as big a redwood trees, moving toward me, out of the forest. They feel like the herd and family of these two babies. The are about to burst out of the jungle, too. Almost like bursting out of an enclosure. I feel awe, exhileration and scared all at the same time.

I love this dream as part of my process of coming out of the deep, quiet, unknown and a little more into the place of being seen. Feels vulnerable. And the support of the huge, towering herd, gives me a sense of deep support and also primal, primal energy.

(I did this in my journal)


Introduction, 2/18/17

A dear friend of mine has recently committed to doing 365 of drawing. What this means is that she has committed to doing a drawing, an art piece, every day for 365 days AND to post her work everyday on various social media sites. Her courage and vulnerability are stunning to me. I am following her on Instagram and Facebook.  She is an incredible artist and her pieces move me deeply, so following her process has been amazing and delightful. I look forward to her post every day.

The artist is Bettina Lancaster and she was inspired by her fellow artist and close friend Carolyn Ellis. You can find them on Instagram here:

Bettina – https://www.instagram.com/bettinartadventure/
Carolyn – https://www.instagram.com/carolynellisartist/

I have been following their commitment to themselves in this way for several months now, feeling exhilarated and inspired and intimidated by their process. I love discovering a new piece from them every day.

After following them for several months and having so many feelings about it, I realized that there was an invitation for me here. An invitation to take a leap, the way that I have learned to leap in my inner work.

I am not an artist like Bettina and Carolyn are – but I am a dreamer, a dream activist and one who believes that dreams and the creative life both offer a place of transformation and alchemy.

And so, I am stepping into the invitation with my own 365 days of creativity and dreaming. I am committing to myself to post, every day, here and on facebook and instagram, my own simple doodles, drawings and/or scribbles for a full year. Starting today.

Since I am both a doodler and a writer, I will let myself post both drawings and scraps of fresh writing everyday. Thank you Bettina and Carolyn (who I hope to meet someday).

Ally oop, here I go.

Sue Scavo

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