4 Week Dream Exploration:

“Dreaming as an Act of Love and Defiance”

The Revolution of the Dream

When we launched our first webinar, as “Students of the Dream” a little over a year ago, we called it the “Revolution of the Dream”. We called it that because dreams are truly revolutionary. They are revolutionary in the sense that they turn the normal view of the world upside down.

Your dreams do not care for the values of the world.

They teach us all to instead trust in our own deeper self. They honor the heart and soul of who you are. Where we have forgotten that truth, they remind us. They call us home from who we think we are to who we really are.

Paying attention to our dreams is a radical act of love, of trust and of truth.

Radical because the alienation of this culture creates a world in which most of us are not honored for the depths of our heart and soul selves. Radical because dreams bring us to the root of what that alienation is for each us, personally and particularly.

And They Call us Home

They call us home to love and the creative expression of that love in our lives.

They call us to be warriors of the heart in a way that is true to each of us. They teach us to break from the complacency of who we thought we were and to fight for the brilliance of the depths of who we really are.

It is not a practice that is always easy. Nor is it for everyone.

Yet if you feel called by your dreams. If you feel touched by the possibility of learning how your own innate wisdom can be your teacher – then we invite you to join us for our upcoming FREE Dreamer’s Training which we are now calling:

“Dreaming as an Act of Love and Defiance”

FREE 4 Week Training


Dreaming as an Act of Love and DefianceIn this four week program we are going to explore how to work with our own dreams in a way that opens you to the radical love and trust that exists within each of us. We are also going to explore what it means to stand in defiance of those voices that deny love and self trust. Voices from within and voices from without.

For us, that is the Revolution of the Dream

We are going to take our combined 40 years of experience working with our own dreams and the dreams of thousands of other dreamers and begin to create a process of self exploration. A process that honors your own wisdom and authority as a dreamer.

Our intention is to come together as dreamers in community.

On a logistical level we are:

  • Going to run this training through December 10th.
  • It will be FREE for all.
  • As part of the training you will receive our 4 Module Video Training program called “Understanding the Deeper Meaning of Your Dreams”.
  • You will get to be a part of our Facebook Group called
  • You will also have a free dream session from a “Students of the Dream” affiliated dream practitioner available to you if you wish.

“Dreaming as an Act of Love and Defiance”

FREE 4 Week Training