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One of the biggest gifts I have received from my dreams is an embodied feeling of spiritual support.  My deepest passion is to know the Divine, to know my own divinity and to feel this love in every cell of my body.  Embodying and living the support that has opened in my dreams has allowed this love to penetrate deeper and deeper, so that my faith is not just an intellectual knowing but something that I feel from within.  For almost 10 years I have been exploring dreams for my own self-healing and these last 4 years I’ve added working with dreams in my private practice and in my teaching.

Feeling into my dreams has shown me places my soul was obscured, and given me support to feel into (sometimes) very painful feelings that are hidden underneath.  For example, I have a gift of being able to manage and organize, plan and get things done in the world.  When I first began relating to my dreams for healing, the dreams were showing me that even though this may have helped me succeed in the world, the way that I manage and plan (managing and planning not being intrinsically negative) actually keeps me from being present and creative in my life.  The dreams also showed me that this was how I managed the pain that I could not bear to feel in my family of origin, that this type of “control” helped me to survive my childhood.    The compassion from Messengers that show up in my dream together with an opening to self-compassion, has all enabled me to face into this.  I feel the pain.   And as I feel the pain, my heart opens more and more, expanding my capacity for self-love and loving others has grown.  

I have been practicing healing work since my mother passed away.  When that happened, 28 years ago, some part of me was turned upside down.  I was 27.  I studied and then became a practitioner and teacher of Polarity therapy, an energetic healing modality that is expressed through bodywork and counseling.  I learned the value of listening.  Not just with my ears but with my whole body; I realized that listening itself allows the person being listened to find their own wisdom and healing.  These last years I have incorporated dreams into my practice working with others.  I have also found art to be a meaningful self-expression and incorporate this into my Dreamers’ Circles – groups that I facilitate where we share our dreams, draw them and also do “dreamplay,” enacting our dreams, or in some cases, life moments.  Currently I offer sessions that are tailored to the desires of my clients, incorporating dreams along with the many tools I have learned these last over 25 years working with people.  In the year 2000 I moved to Israel where I currently live.   


Anne Seham


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Anne Seham has spent over 25 years as a student, practitioner and teacher of healing work based on the holistic principles of Polarity therapy. She was one of the original teachers of Polarity at the New York Open Center, the United States’ largest holistic healing educational center.

Anne co-directed a Polarity school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, served on the Board of Directors of the American Polarity Therapy Association, and has taught throughout the United States, Canada and Israel. In 2000 she moved to Israel and founded Jerusalem Polarity. The last 16 years she has been a student of spiritual Judiasm and has woven her learnings into her practice.

10 years ago she became a student of the dream. Currently she facilitates Dreamers’ Circles where we share our dreams, draw them and also do “dreamplay,” enacting our dreams and life moments. She maintains a private practice in person and also via Skype, where she combines counseling, dreamwork, art and bodywork.


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