Dreams Can Help You Work with Clients

in Any Modality that you Use

Working with others is an incredible process, no matter what modality you work in.

When a person seeks your help, perhaps for a current life transition or crisis, or seeking help to heal trauma, or facing loss/grief, or simply self-exploration and a sense of wanting more both psychologically and even spiritually, there are many things that come with stepping into the process of inner work.

How can dreams help?

Dreams come from within the dreamer, from the unconscious and archetypal realm.

They work through story, imagery and evocative moments.

Moments that create responses and reactions that are unique to the dreamer. Through literally entering the issues, the dream works with the dreamer experientially as well as intellectually.

In this way, the dreams offer incredibly innovative and creative ways for the dreamer to explore him/herself. The stories and images of each dream are unique to the dreamer and precisely bring the issues to life in a new way.


An Example


Let’s say a dreamer has a pattern of withdrawing and becoming passive/aggressive with others in his/her life. To the dreamer, the experience of withdrawal may not feel like it is aggressive.

It may feel to him/her that they are going into a quiet space inside themselves.

They may feel they have no impact on others in the world around them. It may be a familiar place for them and it may be confusing when others in their lives feel upset with them.

It is one thing to understand this intellectually.

It is another thing to experience it. A dreamer with this pattern had this dream:

“I am with a man I deeply trust (although I do not know him in my waking life) and we are sharing feelings and experiences. I feel heard and seen by him. Suddenly, he stops speaking to me and even really seeing me. He turns his back on me. I feel completely shut off from him and really hurt. It felt devastating.”

By working with this dream, the dreamer was able to begin to recognize what it was like for others when he “went into his quiet place.” The figure in the dream, an archetypal figure, was showing him through experience rather than just telling him.


The Dream also Offers Another Possibility


It offers the possibility of exploring if he had ever had another man or person do this to him, perhaps his father or a close friend or mentor.

For even when dreams are showing behaviors that destructive, they also offer an exploration for where the behaviors began and why.


How Dreams Can Help


Because dreams work through the experiential, dreams can help you with the exploration and healing process in a client by:


  • They take the healing process right to core issues. Your client may already have some idea of what the issue is that he/she wants to work with. The dreams can help with this by opening the issue in new ways and/or by taking the dreamer to a deeper issue that may be the root of the current, presenting issue.
  • They help to elucidate and confront difficult insights – giving clarity about where your client is stuck in patterns and “old stories” about themselves and the world.
  • They meet your the client where they are, at the same time as challenging him/her with both difficult issues as well as supporting new growth and understanding.
  • They help your client with resistance that may come, not as a thing to get past or around, but as energy to enter and explore. Dreams bring a dreamer to why resistance is so strong/convincing/hard to give up, giving space for them to work it and work through it.
  • They create another, sometimes more neutral venue within which to work. The dreams, by creating story and images within which we work experientially, can give a place to first understand and then work through issues.
  • They give support when facing into traumatic issues.

As practitioners, having another venue and realm of story to work with, the stories of the dreamer’s experiences the dreams offer, gives the healing process


The Integrative Dreamwork Practitioners Training Program


In the Practitioner’s Program, there will be a variety of seminars and trainings offered:

  • Hands-on Practitioner/Client Dream Preparation Seminars
  • Theoretical and Practical Seminars
  • How to work with dreams around specific issues, such as:
    • Trauma
    • Relationship Issues
    • Parenting Issues
    • Spiritual Growth
    • Projections and Reactions
  • How to integrate other modalities with Dreamwork, such as:
    • Astrology
    • Breathwork
    • Body work modalities
    • Meditation
    • Yoga
    • Other spiritual practices your client may have

Sue Scavo


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