What if there was just one thing you needed to focus on,

in order to understand your dreams?


Yes, just one thing…

Sue and I have worked with dreams for almost twenty years.

In that time we have worked with over 15,000 dreams, with dreamers from every continent on the planet.

After 20 years of studying, traveling, teaching and training, we have learned that it comes down to this one question:


What is the one step my dream is guiding me to take?”


Yet, most people never even consider this.

They don’t consider that dreams contain a kind of consciousness and therefore have the capacity to give guidance.

Without that understanding of course, there is no reason that you would ask this question.

With this understanding, your view of dreams can radically shift.

Suddenly, instead of trying to interpret your dreams, as if they are some kind of code to break, you have the opportunity to be with your dreams in an entirely different way.

A way that opens for you to learn from this deeper understanding.

Getting past the split between your conscious mind –

and your heart and soul?


Because your dreams comes to you in your REM sleep, the time in the sleep cycle when the conscious mind is not active, they contain a kind of understanding that is not clouded by the limitations of what you have learned to think or what you have learned to believe.

They are not limited by the split that exists between your conscious mind and your heart and soul. A split that exists throughout most of western culture.

Different people experience this split in different ways but almost everyone feels it in some way.


The longing for something more…


We almost all have longing for something more. We may not understand that longing but for the most part each of us knows that there is something more.

Each of us has had experiences that make it hard for us to completely forget this place in ourselves.

Yet in the craziness of our day to day lives we do.


Your dreams never forget


While we may struggle to remember or even to believe this is possible, our dreams never forget.

Every night they come to us and reflect back to us not only the ways that we tend to get lost in this split, but also the way through.

If you are listening, if you are open to this guidance, then you can overcome the places inside of yourself where you have been blocked. Instead of always looking outside of yourself for some clue on how to move forward in your life, you can look to your own dreams.

All you need to do, is to be with your dreams in a way that makes it possible for you to understand that guidance.


With much excitement and respect,

Bill St.Cyr

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