Breitenbush Hot Springs and Retreat Center, Oregon

Detroit, Oregon
May 22nd – 26th, 2017
facilitated by Sue Scavo and Bill St.Cyr

Join us for a week-long retreat at beautiful Breitenbush Hot Springs and Retreat Center.

To Register Call Breitenbush: (503) 854-3320

Workshop Description (from the Breitenbush Website)

Dreams, in a remarkably personal and particular way, reflect back to you and place you in your own inner landscape. They show you the ways that you have been blocked from your deeper self, as well as showing you the doorway back to the depths of who you are – beyond those inner blocks. In this experiential workshop, we will enter into the landscape of your dreams, to explore and re-find the realm of possibility. We will open the deeper support that lies within your inner landscape. Both in terms of your own inner resources and your connection to spirit, nature and creativity. Join us to unlock the brilliance of your own dream knowing.

About the Presenters:

Sue Scavo and Bill St.Cyr are Archetypal Dreamwork Practitioners, Teachers and Teacher Trainers with over 13 years of experience collaborating with dreamers and the dream, both one-on-one and in groups. They have presented and facilitated over 50 workshops, retreats and conferences throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

The Setting
Breitenbush is a remote forest retreat of timeless natural beauty, blessed with abundant hot springs, a glacier-fed river and surrounding mountains, where you will discover a vast and personal connection with the natural world in any season.

Hot Springs
Soak in The Meadow Pools lined in smooth river rocks or the four Spiral Hot Tubs of varying temperature. Enjoy the Steam Sauna, a cedar cabin perched above steaming waters. A spirit of respect and sanctuary pervades the clothing-optional soaking pools.

To Register Call Breitenbush: (503) 854-3320

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