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 Thousands Search the Internet for the Meaning of Their Dreams Every Day

They are searching for insight but they get dream dictionaries and generic metaphors instead. Sadly, we have for the most part, lost the art of the dream.

We have lost the art of listening to the deeper meaning of our dreams. The insight that wants to come out of the unconscious and into your life. As with so many things in the modern world, we miss the depths of what is possible – in favor of quick answers.

But there is a new movement happening in the world that is tired of looking outward for answers. Tired of looking outward for what most of us know lies within.


We almost all have moments of feeling this deeper knowing.

The knowing is not the issue – the real issue is how to sustain this knowing, in the midst of the intensity of our outer world lives.

This is the real dilemma and the real challenge.

Most of us do not just want space from the madness of the world. We want to find a way to actually bring the depths of who we are into our day to day lives.

Most of us are tired of “knowing” what is possible – and yet not knowing how to fully integrate this into the nitty gritty moments of being in relationship, of being with our kids, of being in the world in general.

Most of us are tired of this split.


Dreams show the way through.

Dreams are an amazing gift because they can show you the way out of that split. They have this capacity in part because they come from the time in your sleep cycle when we are not split off from the deeper part of who we are.

Instead, they come when our conscious mind is not in charge and there is therefore space for deeper consciousness and guidance to come through us. And because your dreams come through you, they are not theoretical.


They give specific insight about your own particular journey.

We have seen hundreds of people get extraordinary insight out of opening their dreams up in this way. It is not unusual for someone to have issues that they have been confused about for years suddenly be clarified quickly in working with their dreams.

With this clarity, it is then possible to begin to change patterns in your life that once seemed insurmountable.

As long as our deeper discernment remains buried in our unconscious, then it is hard to grow and change – no matter what we consciously say that we want.

But as our dreams bring our own discernment into consciousness – it is then possible to meet the places that have undermined us in the past, with a capacity to make different choices.

The more we bring our own unconscious blocks into consciousness the less power they have over who we are. Then we are able to grow in our capacity to be present in the moment even in the midst of all the outer world triggers that normally throw us off balance.


Dreams give us the gift of our own center.

Dreams teach us how to be with these triggers and what it is in us, that makes us susceptible to these triggers.

They help us to consciously disentangle from old patterns and give us the support to be in the vulnerability and discomfort of growing beyond our comfort zones.


Learning More.

We have material on this site about working with your own dreams but there is a real gift in having occasional guidance in your work with your dreams.

If you are just starting out in this tradition of working with dreams, please consider setting up a dream consultation to get you started. It will help make everything that we are writing about on this site make so much more sense. This is experiential work. The sooner you have your own experience of your dreams, the sooner this way of working with dreams will open for you.

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With much respect for you you and the dream, Bill St.Cyr


“One of the most important insights is acknowledging the value of my interior life vs exterior.  I have felt out of sync with most people my entire life.  In dreamwork I’ve found a tribe of like minded people.  We are seekers and finders, looking for the treasure within via feeling….”
Mary Lou Bensebat


“Through the work of the dreams I have felt an energetic shift in how I engage the world. I have been able to see where aspects of how I engage the world have not served me and actually keep me from my wholeness.  I can discover these aspects of my personality/behavior and acknowledge them not as something bad in me but as a barrier to being whole. From here I am able to work with the feelings of the dreams to open up to ways of being that are at the core of who I am.”
Mary Kay Kasper

Montpelier, VT


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