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We all have a tendency to try to figure out our dreams.



And we all tend to get lost in that process. Ironically it may be in the “trying” itself that the confusion comes in….

What we have learned in a couple decades of working with dreams – is that the most important way to begin understanding your dreams is to slow the mind down and take a breath into your dream.

For any of you that have meditated or done yoga this is a familiar practice.

Many eastern practices begin with being conscious of the mind but not attached to it. They use the breath as a way to anchor consciousness in the body.

Dreams are not from our interpretive mind

Trying to interpret a dream is like trying to interpret love or art.

Dreams, like love and art exist beyond the narrow world of the interpretive mind. Dreams are meant to be felt and experienced not interpreted.

We get confused by our dreams because we approach them wrong.

We need to learn to approach our dreams in the way that we have learned from the rich traditions of meditation and yoga. We need to approach our dreams in the same way that we approach art or any other form of truly creative expression.

On a very practical level that means we start by taking a breath.


To just notice all the voices in our head that either want to come up with an “answer” or want to dismiss our dreams because they don’t make “sense”.

We need to consider the possibility that our dreams not making “sense” might actually be the gift of our dreams. That our dreams are actually bringing us consciousness that is deeper and more meaningful than what our thinking mind can make “sense” of.


We destroy our dreams when we reduce them to “making sense”.


Even if you do not have experience with meditation, yoga or art, you probably have some space where you experience the world from a different place than the interpretive mind.

Physical workouts, prayer, being immersed in nature and many other places help us to go beyond the narrow view of the interpretive mind. To start really understanding your dreams, all you have to do is bring that deeper experience to your relationship to your dreams.

This doesn’t mean you have to dismiss all the ideas of your mind.


Just learn to hold them lightly.


Make space to also allow insight, intuition and feeling to arise in relationship to your dreams.

Learning to make space in this way is a process that can change your life.

There is nothing possible in the realm of personal and spiritual growth without allowing your own inner knowing. This inner knowing that comes from making space for your deeper insight.

You can read all the books that you want and need.


But the best of those, will teach you to look within.


There is no better place to practice this looking within, than in relationship to your dreams. There is a brilliance and a grace contained within your dreams that is beyond what most of us can let in.

Yet we can practice.

We can practice turning away from the drama of the world and learn to be anchored inside our own inner realm.

We can learn to approach the world grounded in a depth of inner discernment and inner emotional fluidity. We can approach the world and our relationships in the world, in a way that actually allows us to be “in relationship”. As opposed to getting lost in the world or lost in our relationships in the world.

Your dream life can be a key part of learning this discernment and emotional fluidity.

They contain your own inner lineage.


The lineage of your soul self, of your true self.


A lineage and a voice that wants to come through you and come into being in this world.

This is why your dreams come relentlessly each and every night.

Even if we don’t remember them – they are still there knocking at the door waiting for you to answer….

With much respect and excitement,

Bill St.Cyr


  1. Michelle

    I love this. I have studying and taught about dreams for 28 years. Thank you so much for sharing. Dezerai Cheyenne Dreamweaver

    • Bill St.Cyr

      Hi Dezerai, You are so welcome, glad you liked it. Do you have a website or Facebook Page? Would love to hear more about what you do. Bill

  2. Karla

    Very nice article…

    • Bill St.Cyr

      Thanks Karla, Glad that you enjoyed it….

  3. Jennifer Choate

    It seems to be all about that difficult step of letting go. Thanks so much for your guidance aND to the universe that I found you all. Love, Jenny

    • Bill St.Cyr

      Hi Jenny,
      Yah, the letting go is amongst the bigger challenges. Glad to be here on this journey with you. It does make the letting go easier to have such good company…

      Love, Bill

  4. Marilyn Steele

    Beautiful Bill. I, too, am a Dreamer and Dreamworker. It has been my most constant guide, companion, way of connecting to Spirit. The Jungian, shamanic road. Loved your description of soul lineage, how important the breath, yoga, nature and relating to the art of our soul journey. Marilyn Steele.;

    • Bill St.Cyr

      Thanks Marilyn, Glad to hear of your work – beautiful website…
      Bill St.Cyr

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