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There are many ways to work with dreams, many modalities over the history of the human race to explore and “explain” our nightly dream life.

Our way of working with dreams has developed from a rich tapestry of tradition and teachings, spiritual and scientific. We work with a specific weave of tradition that is held together by the wisdom of the dream and the experience and feelings of the dreamer. It is a process that is based on a rich collaboration between the dream, the dreamer and the practitioner. It is a process that, like our dreams, is ever evolving. It is a process through the felt experience and how our feelings, as invoked and provoked by our dreams can lead us through healing to discover our deepest soul selves

The practitioners here are colleagues, friends, teachers and/or students who are currently actively associated with us. We recommend these practitioners if you are interested in exploring this way of working with dreams. They work with integrity, depth and passion for your dreams and for the discovery of your process through your dreams.

Explore, read about these people who know, through their own work and through their intensive training, the deepest possibilities your dreams hold for you. We trust you can find the right person to work with you.

If you would like help selecting a practitioner, please do contact us: billandsue@studentsofthedream.comTo find out more about us, and our programs, go here.

Mary Kay Kasper

Most of my adult life I have felt a profound longing to experience a life more deeply expressed through my inner passions, to really know love, and to heal the pain of wounds, yet I struggled to find a way that would assist in this endeavor.  Honestly this longing was tied to an emptiness I felt, that was calling to be filled. I spent many years….

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Katherine Bell

Dreams come every night to lead us to wholeness. Instead of using words, dreams speak in images and feelings. We can get lost when we try to analyze dreams with our heads when what they speak to is our hearts.

Dreams want to be felt not analyzed….

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Jennifer Choate

I have been noticing my dreams for as long as I can remember.  I’m not sure whether some of my earliest memories are dreams or outer life.  For about thirty years, I have been working with others in groups, and eight years ago I discovered this community, which has become central to my personal and spiritual life…

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Anne Seham

One of the biggest gifts I have received from my dreams is an embodied feeling of spiritual support.  My deepest passion is to know the Divine, to know my own divinity and to feel this love in every cell of my body.  Embodying and living the support that has opened in my dreams has allowed this love to penetrate deeper…

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Cynthia Liepmann

My work as a practitioner is a kind of “pay it forward”, and an incredible experience of connection to my soul. My personal practice of experiential dreamwork has changed my life, saved my marriage, helped me discover my creativity, and fulfilled me in such a deep way that I want to share it with others….

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Joel Kaye

For as long as I could remember I had the feeling that something was missing in my world.  Watching loved ones struggling and turning on themselves and on each other in chaotic attempts to get their needs met left me deeply confused about how it would even look, let alone feel, to be authentic and strong in my life….

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