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We all dream every night.


Yet as spiritual seekers very few people know what to do with the 6 years of their life that they spend dreaming. Yes, six years actively dreaming.


It is no wonder really.


We live in a world that has forgotten the dream realm. If you are looking for practical info about dreams, you tend to either find material that is interpretive ie dream dictionaries or dismissive altogether.

But what if we approached dreams the way that we have learned to approach things in our spiritual lives.

What if we met our dreams, the same way we do our meditation, yoga and/or prayer practices etc?

The simple answer is that we can.


We just have to be open to them in a new way.


That means stepping back from our judgments about our dreams and being with them in a more conscious way. The same way we are conscious of our bodies in yoga or of our mind when we meditate.



Understanding the Deeper Meaning of Your Dreams

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You could try it right now…


Take a dream – one that doesn’t have overwhelming emotional content. Those ones are better done with support of a trained practitioner who you trust.

And pick a moment in the dream. Just take a breath into that moment.

Be conscious the way that you would when you are meditating, praying or doing yoga. Let the mind be still and just breathe. Let the impulse to interpret, wander or judge just be there – without needing to give it much attention.


This is a kind of dream insight meditation.


Instead of trying to figure it all out, see if you can just be with a moment and see what arises.

Allow the consciousness that is there, to come into being, as opposed to using the mind to analyze. Once you are analyzing, then you have lost whatever possibility that there is for insight.

As always, the mind distracts from deeper consciousness.

When it succeeds, see if you can just notice it. Then come back to the moment of the dream. Be there with curiosity. Let there be questions without needing to answer.


Learn to stay with it.


Notice what comes to you unbidden. Pay particular attention to whatever feelings might arise.

You might not be able to fully dive into the feelings that come up here – but even so, they are important to at least note.

This is important, because the feelings in your dream are often the clue to the real meaning of your dream. It is also the place where the mind might kick in the strongest.

Again, don’t fight it.

We all need space and support to be with deeper feelings.

Your dream may be just opening a doorway here for you. It might be a process before you actually go through that doorway.


The resistance itself can be a strong message.


It can actually bring attention to the importance of emotional material that might be there right under the surface.

This is the deeper truth of the dream.

A truth that can only come from having a different relationship to your dream world.


You might be surprised at the insight that comes.


All it takes is one deeper experience like this to waken your relationship to the dream world. It is there waiting for you – coming to you each night

Once you open that door, you begin to have another kind of inner compass.

One that will guide you, if you let it – in the face of the world’s drama.

If you need any help with this, please let me know. I will answer any questions that I can.


Good dreaming,



Understanding the Deeper Meaning of Your Dreams

Click Here for FREE Download!


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