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How to Get Past Our Confusion About Dreams…

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People often tell me how confusing their dreams are.


I get that – and yet there is an answer to this mystery of dreams and it comes to down to one simple thing.

Dreams, at least in part, reflect back to us the state of our own psyche.


If you accept that possibility – that dreams are a kind of psychic x-ray if you will, then it turns the mystery upside down.

In that case it is not the dream that is “confusing”. It is the human psyche that is in fact the mystery in the equation – and I say that with a lot of tenderness. I have said this before – we are beautiful and brilliant beings and yet most of us settle for lives and self understanding that is far away from any kind of conscious manifestation of that beauty and brilliance.


And it is not for lack of trying.

As a matter of fact, most of us try too hard. Most of us, given our experiences in the world, understandably feel that whatever beauty and brilliance we have, it is something that requires grave effort to access.

Seldom will you find a person, that instead just knows this kind of of love of themselves.

We live as a culture and as a society far, far away from any kind of trust in the heart and soul of who we are.

Critics of our culture have sometimes referred to this culture as soulless. And while I get that there is evidence to bear on that argument, I would argue that this kind of condemnation, misses the more important point, which is that as a culture we are literally dissociated from our souls.


We have on some level truly forgotten who we really are.

If you take this all into consideration, it is not so surprising that a reflection of that state of being – in this case our dreams, comes out in a way that is confusing to witness

Once you understand what I am saying though, it radically shifts how you view your own dreams and the dreams of others. Instead of being overwhelmed by the confusion or trying to interpret them, you have the understanding now to make space to learn how that person came to be in this state of being.

And if you do this tenderly, the truth of that separation from self, often comes pouring forth from the unconscious.


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And suddenly the dream is not so confusing anymore.

You begin to see your dreams and the dreams of others in a whole different light.

In that light the confusion begins to lift. There is still a complexity in the reflection to learn to be with but the idea that they are just weird fades. You instead begin to realize that the complexity is simply a reflection of the complexity of our human experience.

And there is nothing that is ultimately complicated or confusing about that.

What I have found in my work with my own dreams and with the dreams of others is that there is a reason we are separated from the heart and soul of who we actually are.

In the popular Harry Potter stories, the villain of the story, a wizard named Voldemort learns to split off parts of his soul and hide them, in order to protect himself from dying. It is not a simple process. It requires a terrible act of violence to split the soul before these pieces can then be hidden.


The inverse of that is also true.

In order for us as individuals or as a culture to lose parts of ourselves, we have to experience either terrible acts against us or a scarcity of fundamental needs being met.

And invariably in dreamer after dreamer the stories of this come out.

There is a reason that most of us have forgotten our own beauty and brilliance. We as children and as adults, need our innocence and adorableness reflected back to us or we stop seeing it in ourselves.

Emotional, physical and sexual violation is the ultimate shattering of this knowing. We are so vulnerable as children, that we literally cannot believe these acts of abuse and so invariably we feel that there must surely be something wrong with us, particularly when the acts come from those we trust and need most.  


No wonder our dream seem “confusing”.

For you see, somewhere in our unconscious, we have not forgotten what is actually true. We may have lost consciousness of the heart and soul of who we are but our heart and soul themselves have not forgotten.

You put these divergent stories next to each other and yes, if can seem “confusing” at first.

If you understand where this seeming “confusion” comes from though, then dreams become one of the most extraordinary means of healing ourselves and of accessing deep consciousness.


For despite all the loss, our dreams remember.

And they do that remembering in a way that is personal and particular to you.

Once you get past the idea of confusion, dreams become a possible land of self discovery. A land that we all might feel disoriented in. But with this understanding, that disorientation can shift from a feeling of being completely lost. To one of simply understanding, that this is a new world we are stepping into and we just need time to learn our way around.

With love and respect,

Bill St.Cyr


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