Dreams come night after night wanting to be heard – to be felt. Their innate wisdom is special to each of us, because they are of us – our elemental self. They rise up out of our depths, our own waters; the paths we have walked in this life, our ancestral inheritance, the promise of who we may yet become. Dreams bring us the mundane and the extraordinary – from shopping in the grocery store to flood and fire and storm – each message as important as the next. When we open and step into whatever our dreams bring – the medicine we invite can be powerfully transformative.


We invite you to join us in a deep and exhilarating unfoldment of our dreams together. keep knocking and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who’s there -Rumi

Cost: $375 includes programing and four meals. Please contact Annie to register at [email protected]. A deposit of $100 will reserve your space. Final payment is due by July 8th. If you need to set up a payment plan please let us know.


Friday: 2 pm – evening, dinner included

Saturday: 9 am – evening, lunch and dinner included

Sunday: 9 am – afternoon, lunch included

Please contact Annie to register for the retreat, at [email protected].


List of a few local accommodations:

The Lawrence House Victorian Bed and Breakfast, Bristol 802 453-5707www.thelawrencehousebnb.com
Bristol Suites, Bristol 877 318-6117 www.bristolsuites.com
Dreamhouse Country Inn, Bristol 802 453-2805www.dreamhousecountryinn.com
The Old Hotel, Lincoln 802 453-2567 www.oldhotel.net
Maple Hill Campsite, Starksboro 802 453-3687 www.maplehillcamp.com
Inn on the Green, Middlebury 802 388-7512 www.innonthegreen.com

Or go to booking.com or airbnb.com for many great listings in Lincoln, Bristol, New Haven or Middlebury.


"Dreaming as an Act of Love and Defiance"




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