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I am Bill St.Cyr and that is a photo of me and Sue –

embedded in the photo of the dolphins.


We have a bit of an obsession about dolphins and whales!


And we think about this work as a way of diving into the ocean of deeper

consciousness that we each carry and that we can access through our dreams. 


But we better to come back to you and the online Dreamer’s Program.

So here are the highlights of the program:


Dreamer’s Program at a Glance


The heart and intention of the Dreamer’s Program is to create a community and a safe environment, in which to explore the realm of our dreams together. We offer a container for that exploration as well as guidance with the dreams with the intention of supporting the dreamer’s inner work.


The Program Basics:

  • Online 2 to 3 times a month “Dreamer’s Gatherings” usually on Saturdays (except holidays and based on travel/retreat schedules). Usual Gathering Time – 10:30a to 12:00p EST.

  • Live guided dream exploration exploring our dreams, through stepping in and exploring Dream Moments, through the practice of Embodied Dreamwork.
  • Dynamic sharing space to share the depth of your dreams and your dream practice.

  • Teaching time about the process and practical guidance to bring what we are learning from our dreams into our lives.

  • Ongoing Dreamer’s Support Community with Private Facebook Group for Sharing and Checking-In about our inner work and about our lives.
  • Weekly exercises/practices/assignments to help sustain the inner work that we are doing – along with the support to help stay on track with these.

  • 47/month is the usual fee


This program is the result of 20 years of work.


Work that we have each put into working with our 

own dreams and the dreams of literally thousands of other dreamers. 


 We are so grateful to all these dreamers
for sharing the depths of their dreams with us.

All that we teach is rooted in that shared wisdom.


This program is an easy affordable way to partake of that wisdom.


To breathe into the brilliance of your own dreams and be a part of this broader

movement toward consciousness in this world.  


Oh yah, I had an idea this morning.

What if we just skipped the whole dollar thing? 


If we do the dollar thing, then you have to do your credit card –

which can be a little nerve wracking and a bit of a bother.


Otherwise, all you would have to do is say

you wanted to give it a try – which feels a bit more human to me.


If you do want to just give it a try, click the button below.

No expense at all and no risk.


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