Associated Practitioner

Jennifer Choate


I have been noticing my dreams for as long as I can remember.  I’m not sure whether some of my earliest memories are dreams or outer life.  For about thirty years, I have been working with others in groups, and eight years ago I discovered this community, which has become central to my personal and spiritual life.   While I do many practices, it is safe to say, dreams are core to my spiritual life, and I would love to bring it to others any way I can.

Otherwise, I am a mother and wife, physician, and friend.  I am in my 60’s, born in New York State but living in Santa Cruz, CA since the mid ‘80’s.

My interests are wide—the arts, history, religion and mythology, politics.

Jennifer Choate




Training, Experience

and Services Offered:

Jennifer Choate spent her career in medicine graduating in 1975 and focusing on hematology and oncology, having the privilege of working with patients dealing with life-changing and even life-threatening illnesses. She spent four years as the medical director or the Hospice Caring Project of Santa Cruz County. Right now she is semi-retired working in various cities in northern California.

In 1988, she began participating in Projective Dream Work led by Rev. Jeremy Taylor of the Marin Institute of Projective Dream Work. This became a passion, which took a turn in 2008 toward Archetypal Dream Work, which she found to be a more feeling based exploration of dreams. She has done multiple trainings with the Center for Archetypal Dreamwork and now works with Students of the Dream.

Over the past eight years she has been a group co-facilitator and worked one on one in the Santa Cruz, California area. She offers Dream Group Facilitation, One on One Experiential Dream Work, Shamanic Journeying and Non-violent Communication Practice.