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Joel Kaye

For as long as I could remember I had the feeling that something was missing in my world.  Watching loved ones struggling and turning on themselves and on each other in chaotic attempts to get their needs met left me deeply confused about how it would even look, let alone feel, to be authentic and strong in my life.

Along the way I have been helped several times through the art of counseling; analytic counseling when I was a teenager helped me to pull back from a dangerously nihilistic path, supportive counseling helped me not feel isolated as I coped with the death of my sister at 18.  And at 26, an eclectic Jungian therapist helped me turn from a burgeoning depression toward an affirmative humanistic search for meaning.

Yet despite these positive experiences it was not until I began the experiential process of Archetypal Dreamwork that I came into direct contact and relationship with that ‘missing something’.  Through my dreams and the support and guidance of dreamwork I then began a rich and deep discovery of my own authenticity and the ways in which I turn away from the place within where the confusion is clarified.

Emotional and spiritual injuries are as inevitable in our life as broken bones and infections of the body.   Each night, through the power and intensity of our dreams we are offered pieces of ourselves that can allow us to acknowledge and heal our injuries.  My process with dreamwork clients centers on opening up this direct encounter and dialogue with their own missing pieces, discovering the ways in which they get “lost” and in deeply supporting each person to feel and speak from the clarity of their heart.

Joel Kaye


Training, Experience

and Services Offered:

I am a 47-year old married psychologist and father of two with a private practice in Wainscott, New York.

I was formally trained in Clinical Psychological methods at Palo Alto University earning my Ph.D. in 2001.  Specialized work included substance abuse counseling, medical psychology, bereavement and loss, care for the dying and coping with chronic debilitating conditions.  After completing my Post Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University School of Medicine I attained Licensure as a Psychologist in New York State in 2003.

In 2003 I also began a two year program in Buddhist Studies at the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York.  Since that time I have cultivated a meaningful meditation practice and am capable of guiding and instructing clients who are interested in developing or strengthening such a practice.

Most importantly, since 2010 I have been on a personally transformative dreamwork journey within the lineage of Archetypal Dreamwork and offer my services as a dreamwork practitioner – An intimate, experiential and truly powerful way of invoking the feelings, knowledge and history hidden in our unconscious self – beyond the limits of the thinking centered mind.

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Phone: 917-673-4362

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