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Katherine Bell

Dreams come every night to lead us to wholeness. Instead of using words, dreams speak in images and feelings. We can get lost when we try to analyze dreams with our heads when what they speak to is our hearts.

Dreams want to be felt not analyzed. They come to us as experiences in the night; experiences that are ready to be felt.

I will work with you to feel into the core of each dream moment to uncover your blocks and your invitations to deeper love. In one-on-one work or in a group setting, you will be held in a sacred container.

Are you ready for some changes? The door is open for you every night.

Katherine Bell

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I have lived in my dream world since I was a little girl.  I have many childhood dreams that are still meaningful to me.  I’ve been sharing my dreams in groups for 20 years now, but when I found Archetypal Dreamwork in 2009, I felt like I had come home.

I have been living in the Santa Cruz area since 1985.  Originally an astrophysicist by training, I came to study at UCSC for graduate school and received by PhD in 1993.  After this I worked as a civil servant for NASA for 11 years.

I live with my twelve year old son in our home on Ben Lomond mountain in Bonny Doon.


"Dreaming as an Act of Love and Defiance"




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