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Kathy Samworth


“Live your best life. NOW!” I heard this urgent directive in a dream. I believe that my soul was speaking directly to me! The message was quite clear. This is the time to live my best life! Not some future moment! This message has become a motto for my own life and also for what I hope to bring to others. The people who are attracted to working with me are people who are ready to live their best life. NOW!!

Dream For Your Life holistic coaching services is for those who are ready to step into the fullness of their life, NOW!  Dream For Your Life offers a variety of modalities tailored to the client’s specific needs and soul desires. Services include dreamwork, life coaching, health coaching, yoga, reiki and meditation.

My approach is one of deep care and respect for each individual’s soul. I trust that my clients actually hold the answers they are looking for within themselves. We can tap into this reservoir of inner wisdom through dreams, bodywork, coaching and more. Dream For Your Life holistic coaching offers the support and tools needed for you to begin living your best life NOW!  

Kathy Samworth


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"Dreaming as an Act of Love and Defiance"




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