“Dancing with the Liminal” is a process of learning to live in the present moment – with a deep understanding of the day to day, natural ebb and flow of our lives and our inner journey.

Most of us, instead of living in the liminal, get caught in the duality of all the drama that exists in the outer world.

We either get caught in pursuing an idealized version of what life really should be or we cave into a negative kind of acceptance – as if “this is as good as it will ever get – so why bother”.

The “dance with the liminal” is about exploring our dreams or whatever you spiritual practice is, as a means of learning to not get caught in either of these extremes. It is about living with conscious intention to be on a spiritual path without attachment to what that looks like in any given moment.

It really is about having a consciousness that we are always in the liminal. That our lives and our being is itself liminal.

It is never going to be static nor is it going to be what we expect.

The challenge for all of us is to become conscious of the ways that we experience ourselves as being split while still knowing that the split exists only in our consciousness and not in reality.

We need awareness of the split – in order to bring conscious intention to our process.

In most cases we also need some understanding of what it is in us that keeps us blocked. We actually need “the why” sometimes, in order to have a reference point for our own discernment and growth.

Dreams show us, this way that we “think” or experience ourselves, as being split.

But because they come from a deeper consciousness they also hold the truth of the liminal that lies under our experience of the split.

So, in the case of a dream that I had recently, where I was barricading a large dog away from me – I have no doubt that the dog in my dream could have broken through my very flimsy barricade – if it chose to.

But there is no healing for me in breaking the barricades right now.

The healing is there for me, in seeing the silliness of what I am doing and in breathing into the very real fear and libido that is locked up in that barricade.

Being with the split is a powerful medicine in it’s own way. It allows us to separate out the places in our unconscious that have become murky. It gives us the gift of clarity. Clarity, that will most often not come, without facing into at least some of the places that the split came into being.

The danger of course is that we will waste our time in this process. That we might over focus on the past, at the expense of being present and moving forward.

But the medicine of the dreams provide a safeguard against that.

Dreams are truly liminal in the sense that they hold both the split and the deeper wholeness at the same time. They make space for us to find our own clarity. They allow us to see where we are split, while held in the deeper consciousness that is not split from the whole.

They allow us to begin to know this consciousness within ourselves and to begin to bring the heart and soul of who we are, into our day to day outer world lives.

They allow us to learn what it means to learn to live in a dance with the liminal…

With respect, Bill


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