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Mary Kay Kasper

Most of my adult life I have felt a profound longing to experience a life more deeply expressed through my inner passions, to really know love, and to heal the pain of wounds, yet I struggled to find a way that would assist in this endeavor.  Honestly this longing was tied to an emptiness I felt, that was calling to be filled. I spent many years exploring a variety of healing modalities to address this longing with little success.

It was awakening to the guidance of the dreams and earth based practices that cracked open the shell that kept me blocked and began to peel away the layers of ways I had learned to engage the world that did not serve my soul. And after years of exploring the realms of my dreaming world I have come to believe that the dream is a companion to the soul acting as a guide if I choose to follow, showing me the way back home. The earth for me is the community that I grow ever closer to being in relationship with. Each have shown me the path to healing weaved together in my inner and outer life.

I have come to work with the dream as a threshold experience of my life story interwoven within the universal unconsciousness. It shows me where I have traveled; how I engage the world; what keeps me from embodying my true self and offers guidance to show the way through my resistance to the potency of love. This is where my passions/gifts are discovered and manifested in the world. I have seen a shift in my consciousness and a change in how I engaged the world. When I work the dream woven within my earth practices I awaken to my soul weaved within the soul of the earth.  

Mary Kay Kasper

Training, Experience

and Services Offered:

Mary Kay Kasper has a Masters in Counseling and advanced CAS degree in Ecopsychology. She has been a sexual assault/intimate violence advocate, diversity/social justice educator, and crisis response counselor. She has also taught college courses in ecopsychology, leadership, and dreamwork.

Mary Kay is a dreamwork practitioner, wilderness /rite of passage guide, ecotherapist, and ceremonial leader. She holds licenses as a Maine Recreational Guide and pagan clergy. Her dreamwork experience expands over 25 years and she has received training in Archetypal and shamanic dreamwork.

Currently she facilitates dream enactment groups, works with individuals and is developing programs that weave earth based practices and dreamwork. Her article “Dreaming Back to Earth” was recently published In Depth Insights a Depth Psychology journal.