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Lineage of the Dream 


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21 Certificate of Study Hours per Trimester


This class is an ongoing seminar class, that is intended to help you find what it means for you to develop your own “Lineage of the Dream” as a practitioner. 

Our core belief is that the knowledge that you most need to be a practitioner, exists not in what you will learn from us, but instead in developing a deeper relationship with this knowing that lives inside of you. We trust that the heart of this lineage lives in our relationship to the consciousness which we each access through our work with our own dreams. 

My job as a teacher is in some ways, to help you to open to an intense kind of trust in that knowing. 

In that way we, as a community of dreamers and practitioners, are growing a new lineage together. A lineage that is new on one level and on another level as old as consciousness itself. 

The Students of the Dream Training Model

This program is rooted in a radically different model of what it means to be a practitioner. The intention of this program is to support practitioners to find the deepest place inside themselves, to work from. In order, to then in turn, support their clients to find the heart and soul of who they are. 

The heart of that work is rooted in the lineage of the dream. 

My intention is to help you find your own relationship to that lineage. To actually let the consciousness that lives inside of you come alive as you hold space with another. Thereby also allowing space for the dreamer to grow their relationship to the lineage that wants to grow out of them. 


Alienation and Trauma

The challenge in all of this is that we have all on varying levels become dissociated from that deeper knowing of how to be in ourselves and how to be in this world. 

That challenge can feel overwhelming at times, in regard to helping another. 

How do I, with all my own limitations, support another in a process that in many ways I was not supported in? Who am I to be part of offering a doorway to the depths of consciousness, when I am still recovering from the ways that this door on some level got slammed shut for me? 

These are real questions that on some level need to be answered, even if they are at times mixed up with mean voices that would diminish us. 

The answer to this question, in part lives in an understanding of the trauma healing cycle.

The reality is that our deepest gifts get resourced in the ways that we have survived the alienation, trauma and abuse that is an endemic part of this culture. 

So in that way we do not need to overcome our limitations or to let go of our trauma related patterns. We simply have to be conscious of them and there is no practice that allows us to do this than the practice of embodied dreamwork. 


There is a kind of magic that happens in this process. 

When a practitioner trusts enough in themselves, to be in their own learning process. And holds that process alive in themselves, in relationship to the dreamer’s experience of their dream – then a doorway opens that allows consciousness to flow into this world. 

Once that process begins to happen, the practitioner’s main job is to not get in the way. To instead allow the process to unfold in a way that resonates for the dreamer. 

That is what it means to be a Practitioner of the Dream

That is what it means to be a part of creating this new “Lineage of the Dream”.

It means finding your own way in relationship to yourself, to the dreamer and the dream in a way that then opens that doorway. 

It means letting go of much of what we have been taught, about what it means to be right or for that matter what it means to be wrong. There is a discipline to this practice but that discipline means something that is incredibly far away from what our minds think that means. 


It is not a discipline based on overcoming anything but one that is about utter trust in oneself.

With the discipline of that trust, which on some other level is no discipline at all, one allows an utter faith in the dreamer and their experience of their dream.

In that trust, in the opening of this doorway, there is an energy that happens, that to part of the mind is utter chaos. It is utter chaos because it goes against the lack of trust that is driven into people, by the widespread alienation, trauma and abuse that is too often accepted as “just how things are” in our culture.


Our dreams do not settle or stand for that status quo – not in anyway. 

In the steadfastness of this trust, our dreams speak to us of a different possibility. One that most have forgotten or no longer dare to hope for. 

But that lineage is alive regardless. It comes to us in both waking and sleeping dreams. It comes to us through our bodies and through the sensate world around us. As practitioners we can learn to lean on that consciousness. 


As practitioners we can come together in relationship with each other also.

To support each other to learn what it means to be steadfast in a way that is also full of the most loving tenderness. 

To learn how to be colleagues that encourage each other to trust themselves and their own experiences – enough to bring that trust to bear on their relationship with their clients and in their own lives. To build a community of practitioners that can support each other to bring this consciousness and new lineage into the broader world in their own ways. 

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21 Certificate of Study Hours per Trimester

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