Holding Space with Another

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All personal and spiritual growth, at some point requires the presence of another to reflect back who we are and to acknowledge possibilities that we may not see in ourselves.

Many of us rely on professionals for this support.

This is awesome in many ways as long as you can find a practitioner that works for you and you have the resources to access that support regularly.

But even in the best of circumstances, we all still need others in our life that can sustain what we are learning, outside of that professional relationship. We need relationship and we need community to cultivate and integrate all that we are processing outside of that professional time.

The lack of that support can sometimes be one of the greatest barriers to growth.

Unfortunately, in our culture, many of us do not have that support and a lot of us struggle with the financial resources needed even to access professional help also.

This class is going to be geared toward helping to fill that gap. Toward teaching us how to be with ourselves in the presence of another and to hold space for deeper consciousness to come through each of us.

This can be daunting on one level.

One of the reasons that our culture is so lacking in this regard is that we are sometimes rightly overwhelmed by what opens when we get beyond the niceties of hearing that someone is “fine” when we ask how they are.

Most of us are not fine and making space to truly be with each other is something that can feel almost impossible. And yet at the same time, in my own experience as a learning to hold space over the last 20 years I have seen more and more that the capacity to be with another is also amongst the most innate capacities that we all have.

We are literally wired to be with another in a very deep way.

As humans, we have in large part evolved as a species, dependant on each other for reflection. As a result both the need and the capacity to be truly intimate is a core part of who we each are.

That doesn’t negate the challenge we face in relearning this capacity individually and as a culture. But it does also mean that the thing that may sometimes seem so impossible is also at the same time, well within the range of our capabilities – at least for the most part.

This class will be focused on bringing that capacity back to each of our own consciousness.

Like a lot of what we do here at Students of the Dream, this class will be an experiential and somewhat experimental class.

Some of what we will be doing will parallel some of the work we do in our practitioner training program and in other ways it will be very different to be outside of the expectations and structure of the professional practitioner/client relationship.  

And while some of us may become friends, the practice we are developing will be different than what we normally think of as being friends also.

We will be creating conscious space, that will be structured to be present with each other in specific ways, as opposed to “hanging out” the way most of us might do as friends. I have been playing around with calling this a practice of “companionship” to give it a name outside of the world of professional or regular personal relationship.

If any of this touches you, then I invite you to join us in this exploration. For my own part I am very excited to be in this learning process with all of you!

Sincerely, with much gratitude and respect,
Bill St.Cyr

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