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It has been hard for me to know what to do with my upsettedness about the election.

It has been particularly intense to be told by both people on the left and on the right that I should not be upset.

…By individuals on the left because I should not be so shocked about the state of the country and by individuals on the right because it is somehow all going to be okay.


And yet I am upset.

We have in this country a terrible history of tolerating abuse of all kinds – racial, sexual, emotional, physical and more.

Where there is not direct abuse, I have found in my work, over and over, a sea of alienation that is rooted at least in part in a denial of that abuse. A culture that does not rise up against abuse does not know how to live and it does not know how to love.

A culture that tolerates abuse also, feeds into a generalized kind of silence and isolation.

This in turn creates a generalized alienation from any kind of deeper love.


Dreams stand in stark contrast to that abuse.

They stand in stark contrast to the complacency and to the alienation.

They offer us a place of love and support to instead reclaim the depths of who we are. They offer us a way to break the isolation and to counter this generalized sense of alienation, with a fullness and grace that is outside of the experience of most of us in our culture.

This election of someone who unapologetically embraces the words and actions of abuse is a blow to the ways that this country was starting to heal. It is a very real blow to the work that we are doing in this community.

I am aware that there may be some of you reading this, that disagree.


I am not here to argue the point.

I am here to say to those of you that share this concern or who are scared for your own safety that you are not alone. To the extent that I can, I will use the resources of this organization to stand against abuse in all its forms.

Along with that, my hope is that the work that we do with dreams can be a support to all who are in need of that support.

I am not proposing dreamwork as a solution to all the problems of abuse and alienation in our culture but it can be a part. We are in need of a deeper consciousness to find our way out of this mess – both personally and as a society.


Dreams can provide that consciousness.

I hope that if you need the support or you feel called to this work in anyway – that you will join with me in whatever way works for you.

In solidarity with all your dreams,



  1. Debbie

    Yes, I agree. Dreams are such a reflection of our fears and unconscious feelings. Good way to find the truth of who we are and deal with it.

    • Bill St.Cyr

      Thanks for commenting Debbie. Definitely true what you are saying…..


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