Relationship* Intensive –

Through the Lens of Our Dreams:


Exploring Relationship*

from the Inside Out


Fall Trimester 2017 – Dates and Pricing Below

9 Certificate of Study Hours per Trimester

*This is a course for everyone who wishes to work on relationship through their dreams, regardless of current relationship situation. 

What is relationship? How do we bring ourselves to relationship and then to being in relationship?

Relationship is at the core of human experience.

Both through the experience of being with lovers/partners as well as relationship with friends and the families we grew up with. We all have need for relationship. It is at the core of being alive. We have learned many stories, ideas and ideals about relationship through the lens of centuries, of all the cultures we have been influenced by in our lives. Some of what has been passed down has been helpful but much of what has been handed to us has been skewed to old stories about gender and structures around culture based on power dynamics.

How do we, then, live into relationship in new ways? This is the core question we will be exploring in this intensive.

Dreams teach us a different model of relationship.

We see relationship as ultimately being built on a sharing of the abundance that lives within each of us. Instead of relationship being a burden of meeting your partner’s or friend/family needs, as one more place of exertion in the world.

It instead becomes a place of meeting need from a place of fullness. Needs do not need to fall into a place of competition and scarcity but into a place where these is space for autonomy and interdependence. From this place, relationship can, instead, truly become a place of nourishment for body, heart and soul.

Even conflict becomes a place of growth.

Especially when we look at conflict as a warning system, that the energy flow of the relationship has been turned in the wrong direction, in some way that is contradictory to the needs of either person in the relationship or to the relationship itself. For in an acknowledgment of need that is anchored in a deeper inner experience, the contradictions of the mind that create conflict begin to dissipate.

Love then becomes a reflection of the inner journey that each person is on.

And in turn it becomes a reflection of their capacity in any given moment to share that journey. In that intimacy, conflict becomes a place to bring attention to a deeper need that is being missed. We often miss these deeper needs, or new emerging needs,because we carry an old story about relationship in general or about the person we are in relationship with.

All of this opens relationship as a kind of dynamic dance.

A dance that is messy but, at the same time, one that offers the possibility of grace, not just in the world with another but within our own hearts.

Join us as we dive into our own commitment to be in this dance, inside ourselves and with each other. Let yourself practice all the layers of relationship – from our own inner world, to that of the world of lovers and friends, and to the circle and community we will create over these three months!

*This is a course for everyone who wishes to work on relationship through their dreams, regardless of current relationship situation.

This intensive will consist of two parts:

  • We will meet twice a month, in hour and a half seminars, to teach, learn and explore relationship through the lens of our dreams. In these seminars we will also explore actual dream moments and what they teach us about who we are in relationship. 
  • In between seminars, there will be personal and relational exercises to deepen our understanding and practice in relationship. We will have our own private Facebook Group Page where we can share and support each other in our process. 
  • Sept 5th – Tuesday 7pm EST – Introduction Seminar
  • Sept 19th – Tuesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • Oct 3rd – Tuesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • Oct 17th – Tuesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • Oct 31st – Tuesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • Nov 14th – Tuesday 7pm EST – Final Seminar


9 Certificate of Study Hours per Trimester