The Stories Within Your Stories:

Breaking into the

Layered/Woven Narratives

of our Dreams and Why it Matters


With Sue Scavo

Beginning October 2020 –

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The Stories within your Stories –

Breaking into the Layered/Woven Narratives of our Dreams and Why it Matters

Dreams work with story. The story of the dream, the stories in our lives that the dream alludes to directly or indirectly, the stories we carry about ourselves which may be true or not true. Part of the intention of working with dreams through the personal is to help unwind what is not true from what is, bringing healing to what needs healing and to show/give us new stories about who we are and the deep possibilities of who we could become.

But dreams do not just work with story through our personal experiences – layered and woven in the narrative of our dreams are other stories, sometimes ancient stories, that range from cultural, religious, spiritual, historical heritage to ancient mythology, folklore, fables and fairytales.

Why do dreams do this? How do they do this? How do we find these stories embedded in our dreams and bring them into our lives?

Many years ago, I had a simple dream:

I stand at the top of a stairs that go down maybe 5/6 steps. At the bottom is a door that is open and behind it and streaming inside is pure white light. I feel drawn to the light, a little scared and full of energy.

Exploring this dream may seem simple, and in one way it is. To step deeper, into the self perhaps, to go down another layer. Into light with fear and energy. At the personal layer, it was indeed a time of great change and invitation to change. An invitation to step deeper to find another layer of what that light was/is inside of me. Simple to walk down the steps and into the light.


There are many possibilities of other stories embedded in the narrative of this dream that could speak to the experience that I, the dreamer, was in at that time, stories that the dream itself may be “playing with”. Does the dream turn the stories around, on their heads for the dreamer? Does the dream mirror the story? Is the dreamer, like Alice, going into the rabbit hole? Persephone descending into the underworld, not against her will but as a queen in her own right? Is the dreamer going into another realm entirely, like in the story of Mother Holle? Or is she descending into the cave of Bear, who dwells half her life in the dreamtime? Is she descending into a process of rebirth – like the descent of Inanna or the heart of the Christian mythology? Is she embarking upon a journey through difficulty like Dante beginning his journey by descending into hell?

In this on-going seminar, we will explore the woven story tapestry, always beginning with the dream – dream images, stories, figures – and learn how to trace the links from the personal experience and beyond.

Join Master Embodied Dreamwork Teacher Sue Scavo for a deep dive into the mythical, spiritual, cultural stories that are hidden [sometimes in plain view, oftentimes not] in dreams. This dream is for practitioner’s who want to learn how to work with the layers of stories with their dream clients and for dreamers who want to learn to find and work with story in their own dreams and lives.

Dates for Seminar Series:

The Stories Within Your Stories Seminar Series:

Dates: Tuesdays 6-7:30 EST

 Trimester 1: Oct 13, Oct 27, Nov  10, Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 15

 Trimester 2: Jan 12, Jan 26, Feb 9, Feb 23, Mar 9, Mar 23

Trimester 3: Apr 13, Apr 27, May 11, May 25, Jun 8, Jun 22


The Stories Within Your Stories Seminar Series

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