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21 Certificate of Study Hours per Trimester

In this class, we are going to explore opening our intuitive knowing and unique ways of working with dreams, through the lens of String Work – the process of working with dreams through a kind of Dream Embodiment/Psycho-Drama in group settings.

Exploring the process of opening dreams in a group setting, can teach us and deepen our own intuitive ways of working with dreams, with our dreamers both in group process and also, one-on-one.  

To be clear, the main intention to work through strings is not just about learning strings, but about using strings to learn more deeply about working with dreams in whatever setting we choose. For both Sue and Bill, our felt knowing of the work was definitely deepened through the process of learning “String Work”.

The intention is to deepen your work with others in any setting.

The process of becoming a dream practitioner begins, as always, with a foundation in our own personal work with dreams.

It is important to have a curiosity and understanding/gnostic knowing of our personal dialect with our dreams, and how this changes. Having this as our foundation helps us to be present with ourselves while we are being present with a dreamer who is learning their own personal dialect with their dreams. In our practicums, we have been exploring this as well as exploring what happens for us as we stand with another; where are our strengths when working with another and where are the places where we struggle to be with the dreamer. And the power of working these edges.

This year, we will continue this process by bringing the embodiment of string work to our exploration.

Through working with strings, we will open issues that as dream practitioners we are sure to face into with dreamers.

Issues such as trauma (including specific kinds of trauma), becoming, breaking old stories, growing courage and inner trust to step into new stories as the dreams unfold them.

Just as we hope to help dreamers deepen their own intuitive knowing as led by their dreams, so we will deepen our intuitive knowing to work with dreamers. We will have opportunities to learn different ways of being with dreamers and ourselves in different situations – for example, when we are triggered, scared, excited, wanting the dreamer to move faster then they want to (or can), keeping up with the dreamer or when the dreamer is triggered, scared, excited, etc.

Having our own work deepened.

Just as having our own work deepened, enlivened, challenged, made clear, have space by working with our dreams in group with strings, so we can have our work deepened in the same way by learning who we are as practitioners through the practice of learning strings.

In this course of this year, through three trimesters, we will work with you to learn through experiential work both the practice of string work, but more deeply through the practice of string work, deeper ways of being with ourselves whilst working with another. We will learn about our connections to our intuition, our inherent ways of being collaborative with dreamers and their dreams and how all of this creates the magic and alchemy that is dream work.


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21 Certificate of Study Hours per Trimester

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