What Are Dreams?

And What that Means for Holding Space for the Dreamer…

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It is for us a gift and a privilege, to be given the opportunity to hold space for someone and explore their dreams.


It requires that we step out of our own analytical mind.


For dreams are not about analysis or interpretation. They are a sharing of the deepest parts of a dreamer’s being.


To be present with that sharing, calls us each as practitioners to honor the deepest parts of who we are. In an odd way, the role “challenges” us to have a kind of self worth and self respect that is beyond what most of us have experienced in this world.

Without that, we would be lacking in the capacity needed, to help dive into what the dreamer’s dream is reflecting back to them.

Without that we will miss the point of the dream.

For dreams are not what most of us think they are. They are not some kind of riddle or crossword puzzle that needs to be figured out.

Dreams are experiences in their own right.

When we are with someone that we love and they share an experience from their waking life with us, we would not (at least I hope not) interpret that experience. In any kind of shared intimacy, we share our experiences without judgment and interpretation.

We all need relationship in this way to grow, particularly when we are opening to new places in ourselves.

It is literally part of who we are as humans, to have this innate need to have who we are reflected back to us. To have the beauty of who we are be acknowledged. To have the wounds we have carried, be tenderly witnessed.

When this happens we flourish.

Dreams are an integral part of this human cycle.

There is a reason that we dream as much as we do. Most researchers believe that in an average lifespan we spend a solid 6 years dreaming. That’s almost ten percent of our lives.

In most parts of western culture, we have learned to not just dismiss our dreams but also our deeper emotional and spiritual worlds altogether. The result as we all know, all too well, is a culture that on many levels is in deep trouble.

Dreams can be a key part of healing both on a personal and on a cultural level.

But we need people who know how to hold space for deeper experience. We need people who can hold space for deeper consciousness to come and guide us in our healing processes.

Most people ignore dreams partly out of habit and partly because to the analytical mind they just seem too complicated to sort out.

But dreams are not as complicated as we make them out to be.

It is true that they are complex but that is a different thing altogether. We can honor the complexity of dreams and the human psyche, and still learn to hold space to explore dream consciousness without complicating the matter.

Dreams like life itself are complex.

When we honor and respect that complexity. When we let go of our need to figure things out and control them, then there are other paths that open up, that in their own ways are simple. At least in the sense that they are more about getting out of our own way than having to learn volumes and volumes of new content.

As we do this with dreams and with consciousness in general, we begin to cultivate “new” ways of being within ourselves and in the world.

What is amazing about this process, is that it takes a burden off of the dreamer and hence off of the practitioner.

In this way, dreams are an incredibly complementary practice with other traditions.

No matter what you do personally or if you are a practitioner of another tradition, dreams can be extraordinary guides in those practices.

Imagine for a minute if we could stop having to figure out our own path or the paths of those that we work with already.

What if we didn’t have to choose between the myriad of paths out there or figure out what was going to be the next “thing” that was going to hopefully take you to the next level? What if at some point we could rest in the knowing that some part of our own consciousness had the answers that we were looking for – even if that answer turned out to be more of a guide to living the questions?

Dreams offer that possibility for you as a person and for you as a teacher or practitioner of any kind.

If you would like to learn the foundations of being with dreams in this way – either personally or as a practitioner, please consider joining us on this journey…..

With much respect,
Bill St.Cyr


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  1. Susan Groves

    Great idea 4 young people…

  2. annie.dillon1

    Bill, this is fabulous…so clearly written and simply helpful!!!

    • Bill St.Cyr

      Thanks Ann. I am glad to hear and appreciate the feedback very much…


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