Writing Vertically: 

An Online Intensive Writing Seminar


With Sue Scavo

July 17 to October 23rd


As practitioners of the word and of language, it is important for us to know our own mythologies, own stories, our own experiences.

Writing Vertically is the process of mining these mythologies, stories, experiences through both dreams and our writing in order to open, feed, inspire our creativity. To find our creative voice.

Writing Vertically is a process of writing that has our dreams as part of the process – whether the writing is dream-inspired or not.

In our three month writing seminar, we will work with both our writing and our dreams to bring our unconscious more deeply into our creative process. We will work with dreams and writing pieces as if they are the same thing – weaving our creative work with the creative unconscious to help us unleash voice.

Dreams bring us what wants to be said, what we need to hear. And more, they bring us what blocks us from stepping the most deeply we can in our work. Working with our writing and our dreams as alive, breathing, viable, important parts of ourselves.

The seminar will consist of two parts:

  • We will meet once a month in a two-hour seminar (online) to string together dreams and pieces we have written. In each seminar, I will work with three to four writers.
  • Weekly online check-ins. We will have our own private Facebook Group Page where we will post pieces every other week. I will offer “feedback” on your pieces about where to open your writing, places to deepen, questions for different perspectives.

Note: This will be an intimate group of no more that 10 to 12 folks.


  • July 17 – Sunday 11a to 1230p EST – Introduction
  • July 31 – Sunday 11a to 1p EST – Seminar
  • August 28 – Sunday 11a to 1p EST – Seminar
  • September 18 – Sunday 11a to 1p EST – Seminar
  • October 23 – Sunday 11a to 1pm EST – Final Gathering


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